I've never received as many requests to make a publish all the photos from a particular concert. Keaton Henson, a British singer-songwriter, has one of the strongest fan bases I've ever seen. On 30.01.17 he played an hour-long sold out show in Vienna Konzerthaus, which is a very beautiful (read - fancy) place and it was my first time there. Vienna Konzerthaus doesn't usually allow photographers inside, they find them very distracting, but for some reason they decided to give me a photo pass. I was thy only photographer there and it felt weird yet amazing. But back to Keaton Henson.

Later on I was told by a friend of mine, who was also at the concert, that he rarely plays any shows because of different kinds of anxieties, so if there is any show played around - it sells out immediately. No clue on why suddenly appeared in Vienna, but I consider myself lucky that he did and I got to see the concert (avoiding the word 'show' on purpose here).

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