Hello everyone!

I'm excited to share some news with you, so lets get right to it!

One of the best Ukrainian newspapers featured me in their recent article about Ukrainian students who are currently crowdfunding their education. The article touches so many aspects of education abroad and all its difficulties Ukrainian students encounter. I was very happy to learn about other Ukrainian students trying to crowdfund as I can relate a lot to what they're going through. The articles is really well-written and easy to read so make sure to check it before it goes under paywall this Thursday!

Because my relatives recently presented me with a generous contribution to my campaign in cash, I can now buy a new camera lens! I've been shooting with the same lens - my 50mm 1.4 - for four years. It's definitely time for an upgrade. Hope to be able to buy it this week!

The updates funding chart doesn't show the complete amount, but it shows what needs are covered by your contributions.

Also, yesterday my home computer crashed 5 times in the middle of me rendering a video update I shot for you. I gave up on the 6th time.

Thankfully, my dad fixed the computer today and I was able to finish the edit. I just wanted to make another video and personally thank you for the support I've received over the last month. More rambling in the video below :)