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A month ago I helped to shoot a wedding of my close friends back in Lutsk, and for the occasion I decided to test my new lens (I was able to buy through my crowdfunding) and shoot the whole event with Nikkor 24-85 mm 3.5-4.5. There were moments when I regretted not taking my 50 mm 1.4 with me, but after editing the pictures I realized 24-85 mm did a pretty good job. It is one of the cheapest, if not the cheapest, lens in Nikon zoom range and it's totally worth the money.

 Here're some pictures from the wedding, I hope they will give you some perspective on how the lens performs.

You would become a clown art fan if you had seen the perfomance of "Clowns without borders Sweden" a few days back in Kyiv. I feel like these guys have the best job ever; not in terms of easiness, but in terms of feedback. Seeing all those kids' smiling faces must feel like bliss, especially considering their current life circumstences - "Clowns" were performing at the biggest childrens hospital in Ukraine and also for temporarily displaced kids in one of the Kyiv theaters. Before Kyiv the artists conducted 15 perfomances in different cities of eastern Ukraine, where military actions are currently taking place. UNICEF Ukraine kindly invited me to shoot Kyiv peromance of the "Clowns" for them.

Hello everyone!

I'm excited to share some news with you, so lets get right to it!

One of the best Ukrainian newspapers featured me in their recent article about Ukrainian students who are currently crowdfunding their education. The article touches so many aspects of education abroad and all its difficulties Ukrainian students encounter. I was very happy to learn about other Ukrainian students trying to crowdfund as I can relate a lot to what they're going through. The articles is really well-written and easy to read so make sure to check it before it goes under paywall this Thursday!

(переклад українською нижче)

I had a dream to make a shoot like this, and I finally did it. I've put everything I had in my heart at that moment into these pictures. Special gratitude to my dear Kyiv sisters, who always support everything I do. I hope these pictures will give you the sense of peace and need in quiet time with God.

They are already on sale on Creative Market. By the way, happy first day of summer! Leave me some inspiration in the comments and share what you are planning for this summer.

Давно мріяла зробити таку зйомку, і нарешті зробила. Те, що було на серці - вклала у ці фото. Окрема дяка моїм дорогим київським сестричкам, які в усьому підтримують мене. Вірю, що ці фото дадуть вам відчуття миру і потреби у тихочу часі з Богом.

Ці фото вже в продажу на Creative Market. До речі, з першим днем літа вас! Залиште трохи натхнення у коментарях і розкажіть про свої плани на літо